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Flying Ants

By Kaycee Marlett
Flying Ants Are Real

There are many people who do not believe there is any such thing as flying ants. This is because they only live in certain parts of the world, where these flying pests do not. They are not very common either so you will not see them most of the time unless you go out of your way to look for them, or if they have hoarded in an area that has favorable conditons upon which they thrive. They are the most prominent in the summer months due to the hot temperatures. Some people do not realize the insects flying around them though are actually a type of ant.

Where you see one flying ant, you are sure to see a whole swarm of them. They are very social insects and they work well with each other. The ants you see with wings are the younger members of the colony and are stronger. As the ants get older their wings fall off and they will be resigned to staying on the ground.

Flying Ants Will Not Sting

Flying ants won’t hurt you and they definitely won’t bite. Some people think they are very large mosquitoes but they are truly ants. They can be fascinating to observe, once you know what it is that you are looking at. There is a rumor out there that having flying ants around means you have termites, or that when you have flying unique insects that they are indeed termites. Yet there is no real evidence to support this accusation.

In order to be able to fly, these types of ants have very small, and multiple strong wings. If you can get close enough to look at them you will find that the wings are not the same length. This allows them to successfully use the wind to help them move with the least amount of effort, and to become a swarm. They also have antennas that are slightly bent to allow them to be more receptive, in thier colony communication. They have three distinct parts of the body – the head, the thorax, and the abdomen.

Flying Ants??? Or Termites

Of course if you see them in your home, it will be in your best interest to investigate as they may turn out to be termites. They too have breeds that have wings, and swarm. It is in your best interest to capture one and to really examine it. If you still aren’t sure ask your local exterminator to look at it for you as well. Your home is a huge feeding and breeding ground for termites. You do not want to deal with the amount of damage that termites can do to your home. Hopefully what you discover is nothing more than flying ants, and as they won’t harm your home, you can observe these rare insects without concern of being stung.


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